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Wallflower — Prose

Firelfies at Midnight Neon Glow

When it all falls apart, they dance.

The wind, the trees. The lightning bugs make their silent fireworks as the last of the evening birds sing a farewell tune. The moon plays the shy girl in the corner, waiting for someone to ask her to dance, but that’s only how she wishes to appear. Truly, I think she’s content to dance alone, knowing only she can keep it all from falling to pieces.

Nevertheless, neither she or I seem to be bothering the festivities. Because when it all falls apart, still they dance.

Sometimes I wish to shout and protest. How can you all keep dancing like the world isn’t slipping through my fingers? I want to curse the moon for her apathy to my troubles, but my, does she have moxie. Though underneath the fuel of petulance, I silently weep and wipe my own tears as I admire the notion that when it all falls apart, they dance.

-Halie Currie

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