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This Gift Was Not Mine

lonely man brilliant mind demons night terrors

I was once told I had a gifted mind, if so, it was only gifted for a time,
now it’s seems lost in time

Struggling still

Trying to figure out what’s thoughts are mine



Mind’s been fractured

Soul PC’s have long been scattered

Looking around trying to figure out which parts of me still matter

Was it me that picked himself off the ground

or if I’m still stuck in that Park



Paralyzed with fear

Afraid of my dark

Still chasing endless nights

Fighting what feels right

Still here trying to figure out what exactly I should write

At this point you figure my mind would have started to win this fight

Demons constantly showing up

Doesn’t even have to be the dead of night

Getting too tired to fight

I get it I had a fucked up life

I don’t want to talk any more

Say goodnight Mike.

Mike Lundy

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  1. L.E.

    Good night Mike <3

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