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The Siren’s Sanctuary — Poetry

Woman, Mermaid, Fantasy, Mythology

It was not temptation that drew us toward their song.

Despite the alluring melody, our perceptions were pulled to the sea below, dark and brooding, waiting to besiege lost souls seeking sanctuary.

We knew what peril lie ahead, just as we knew a siren when we saw one.

Yet just as they must abide their nature, so too are we entrenched in our own.

We are not drawn to their ploy of sanctuary, but to be their sanctuary.

So sure we are that we will survive being pulled to the depths, as we have time and again, that we are drawn to offer compassion to a lost soul that is just as sure to bring us harm.

Halie Currie

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  1. L.E.

    Love this one so much. But, I love everything she writes “so much.” I’m beginning to sound like a nutbar fan girl. :P

    Love this!

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