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Silent Warrior – Poetry

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I am not sick,
But I am not well
I’m trapped in my body
A prison that’s Hell
It’s fighting against me
A battle each day
It just wants to end me
But I won’t go away
The pain unlike any
You could ever imagine
If I am the princess
My body’s the dragon
Lighting me up
From my hair to my toes
Each nerve ending afire
And peace is a ghost
Chronic illness a war
You can’t understand
In life’s game of poker
This is the hand
Most people would fold on
And just walk away
But for me the deck’s stacked
There’s no choice but to play
Someday I’ll lose
I already know
I’ll refuse to go quietly
When it’s my time to go
For I am a warrior
And this is my fight
I’ll never go quietly
Into that good night.

Mandy Kocsis

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