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Rainbow Shades of Melancholic Grey

Rainbow Shades

I’ve left an aftertaste of illness lingering inside my mind, for quite some time now. As the months keep slipping away between where I need to be, and where I am still. I’ve been tasting all sorts of colours as emotions shuffle through their varied Shades and tones, for emotions have their own unique colour palette… and as each one comes raging on fast and harsh, so does it leave its bitter tincture or sickly sweet afterthought lingering. I Taste the Rainbow! In all its blended fury…*So I must ask… Do you taste it too? For a Soul alone, I fear; will only taste a future greyed.

Andrew Sloan | Mead of Poetry
Andrew Sloan | Mead of Poetry

Do you, too, fall into rainbows of melancholic grey?

Watching yourself stumble and fall, colourblind in a haze.

As the grey awaits your imminent arrival, watching you bleed vibrant warmth of golden joy

Through hues of a fading afternoon, and stained ochre skies of orange, tainting your mind in the falling…

You see with bloodshot eyes…

A shaded view when mauve, slick as liquid lilac, comes in a calling for twilight’s dusking blue!

Through those cries, you’re an algorithm manifesting somber thoughts, folding into purpled velvet…

And, once more, you’re tasting bouquets of every hue, savouring varied in-between’s, where all the shades do reign…

A blended rainbow, leaving only smoldered greys of long remembered yesterdays, gushing harshly in crimson stains…

You are a lifetime of anxiety, dulling down the suicidal plays, into greying lies of melancholy.

Shrouded clouds roll over emerald greens, lapping at the salty brine, of once forgotten, cerulean seas.

With storms of fury black, a backdrop to lightning’s overwhelming coloured array, leaving the tip of your tongue flavored ozone umber… Burnt!

So, you see the savouring tastes of rainbows, blended brightly into indigo, as you choke to swallow down all that you know!

And, acrid is your tincture for the future

As slowly, you are abandoned by all your faculties!

Save, that damned aftertaste, permeating naught, but smoky shades of melancholic grey

Andrew Sloan

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Shades of Melancholic Grey

  1. L.E.

    Love, love, love this. <3

  2. Shandi


  3. Tonya Carr

    You had me at the title… You are awesome!! Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  4. Lyssa

    This is amazing!!!

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