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The Loneliness of the Midnight Writer

As a writer, it seems I am constantly at a crossroads of what to write about. I often feel that a roulette wheel with different subjects would benefit>>>
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The Hoarder — Poetry

I watch her puffher cigaretteswhile she secretlyinhales the fireas it eases the thunderunderneath her tongue. She fills her pocketsas deep as her>>>
Magic Wooded Path

Unexpected Magic

In the back of my closet, hidden among the Nikes, old socks and run down high heel shoes I found a sealed shoes box that had been left there twenty>>>
ballet dancer in darkness

Little Swans — Prose

Snowy tulle captivates in lithe movements as she dances for the cygnets, while the orchestra skillfully fools you into believing this is her>>>
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How To Manage Clair-Empathy

There are a few buzz words in the spiritual community and one that seems to top the list is “empath”. It is often spoken of as some kind of curse or>>>
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Mean Girls and Monsters — Poetry

Something savage in the air around me tonight,Steals my sweet smile and my aura’s natural light.The monsters in my head call my name in a cheery>>>
Storm Fallen Tree

What the Storm Left Behind

When I was a child, I had the beautiful luxury of growing up in the country in Forest Lake, Minnesota. I loved being surrounded by woods and fields as>>>
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Fluid — Poetry

Fascinate my fancy and dissolve me in your contemplation.Make me liquid.Fluid.So that I might wax and wane like tides under your direction.Blow your>>>
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Can Words Really Inspire?

I’m often told that the words I write or have written in the past are uplifting and on occasion, inspiring. I never really thought twice about it>>>
Firelfies at Midnight Neon Glow

Wallflower — Prose

When it all falls apart, they dance. The wind, the trees. The lightning bugs make their silent fireworks as the last of the evening birds sing a>>>