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flashlight shadows darkness

Unhinged Soul–Poetry

There were days when passion became confused with convenience. When your hands could skim the surface of my skin and wipe away the doubt>>>
rock stone mountain paperweight

Paperweight — Poetry

I carry my pages up the mountain. Not the ones clean enough to be seen. I carry the torn pages, ripped and crumpled by frustrations, marred by tears>>>
Writer's Life NYC skyline deep thoughts

Artists and Writer: Our Own Worst Critics

In December of 2013, I made a clear decision that life is far too short for not doing what you dream to do. For me it was writing>>>
woman, beach, sand, ocean, waves, fog, mist

Alone — Poetry

I think I began hallucinating as a way to find you again. In the dark, the heavy shadows would blend in such a way that I could believe you hunkered>>>
chinese take out fortune cookie

My Fortune Cookie Is a Great Big Liar

If yesterday was foreseen in a Chinese fortune cookie, it was completely wrong. I mean, I don’t really hold much value in the paper fortunes anyway>>>
Woman, Mermaid, Fantasy, Mythology

The Siren’s Sanctuary — Poetry

It was not temptation that drew us toward their song. Despite the alluring melody, our perceptions were pulled to the sea below, dark and brooding>>>
pond dock girl

Ring Around The Rosie — Fiction

The grass was thick, deep green, and soft to the touch. The trees were tall, their branches swaying in the breeze. Light pushed it’s way through the>>>
stars-night sky-universe-galaxy

Stay Here — Fiction

“Stay here.” Those were the last words she said to me before she risked the shopping market. And so, I am quietly hunched in the nearby bushes like a>>>

Ice Hut — Fiction

The chill of the morning airbrushed across the snowy mounds surrounding the frozen hut. Its cool breeze playing with the fox furs lining the small>>>
Bed, Linen, Sheets, Cover, Pillows

*CLICK* — Poetry

You’ll try replacing meWith pale shades of meBut never will they ever beThe one you’re looking forYou checked that at the doorYou forgot>>>