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Red Roses Rose Petals

Dying Beauty — Poetry

The morning after she left reminded me of the pulled petals off a rose – still beautiful, but not complete. I sat in my own tears, afraid to wake up>>>
inner child inner peace SueAnn Summers Griessler

Inner Child

I sometimes imagine I could speak to my inner child; I mean really speak to her. I’d ask her about all of the twists and turns in life that made>>>
anxiety self-awareness mirror self-care panic attack

Anxiety — Poetry

I feel a pit inside myselfI know that it is fearThings are going too good by farI feel the end draws near My happiness is not a jokeIt’s>>>
Broken glass tragedy accident

Helpless — Fiction

The wind blasts Brian’s face and bites through his hoodie. South Texas rarely gets cold, but today looms rare indeed. Home lingers twenty minutes>>>
Rainbow Shades

Rainbow Shades of Melancholic Grey

I’ve left an aftertaste of illness lingering inside my mind, for quite some time now. As the months keep slipping away>>>
sunset clouds heaven

Facebook In Heaven

She woke up and to her despair realized that she was still dead. It had been three weeks since she had arrived in Heaven.It had happened so fast.Drew>>>
flashlight shadows darkness

Unhinged Soul–Poetry

There were days when passion became confused with convenience. When your hands could skim the surface of my skin and wipe away the doubt>>>
rock stone mountain paperweight

Paperweight — Poetry

I carry my pages up the mountain. Not the ones clean enough to be seen. I carry the torn pages, ripped and crumpled by frustrations, marred by tears>>>
Writer's Life NYC skyline deep thoughts

Artists and Writer: Our Own Worst Critics

In December of 2013, I made a clear decision that life is far too short for not doing what you dream to do. For me it was writing>>>
woman, beach, sand, ocean, waves, fog, mist

Alone — Poetry

I think I began hallucinating as a way to find you again. In the dark, the heavy shadows would blend in such a way that I could believe you hunkered>>>