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Mountain Ice Lake Winter Scene

The Lonely Mountain – Fiction

I traveled on a frozen lake towards a lonely mountain. The wind cutting me to the bone. When I arrived a portal awaited, a gateway unlike any I had>>>
holding hands mountain views hiking

Turn Around – Poetry

Have you noticed That whenever you fall into the dark forest of depressionI am already there Ready to catch you To wipe away your tearsand guide you>>>
sandcastle beach summer sand ocean

Sandcastles – Fiction

He pinned a piece of her scarlet hair up under her daisy crown and stared at her with star-struck eyes. “My beautiful Queen, don’t you know you are a>>>

Witness – Short Story part 1

I loved the night. It meant the house was mine and mine alone. To do what I pleased; running, jumping, knocking things over. This house became my>>>

Witness – Short Story part 2

READ PART 1 HERE I quickly retreated from the lifeless lump in the crib, and hopped over the rail and back to the floor. I darted out of the room and>>>
Jay Long Short Story

How One Cat Ruled His World

Short Story – King Scooter There was a reason he was afraid of his own shadow. You see, Scooter was an indoor cat. And now, he found himself in>>>
Cape Town South Africa Sunset

An Unexpected South African Find

Struisbaai (Stracebye) is a coastal settlement in the Overberg region of the Western Cape in South Africa, about 200kms southeast of Cape Town, and>>>
fishing boat calm water sunset

Our Millie – A Catfish Tale

Our Millie – A Catfish Tale In which we meet Cousin Martha from the City, battle the monster of the creek, and learn a lesson from Pa about>>>
explosion house fire

Not Everything Survives – Poetry

With the fire burning brightlyYou’d think everything’s okayThe warmth is filling up the houseThe predators kept at bayListen to me>>>
lonely man brilliant mind demons night terrors

This Gift Was Not Mine

I was once told I had a gifted mind, if so, it was only gifted for a time, now it’s seems lost in time Struggling still Trying to figure out>>>