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Not Everything Survives – Poetry

explosion house fire

With the fire burning brightly
You’d think everything’s okay
The warmth is filling up the house
The predators kept at bay
Listen to me closely
And I’ll tell you the way
This story really ended
On that November day
He’d been drinking like a sailor
All-day while she was gone
And when she walked into the house
Everything went wrong
He came up fast behind her
She could see him in the glass
An explosion rocked her world
When he knocked her on her ass
Before she could even raise her arms
Blows rained upon her head
The blood was flowing like a river
When he left her for dead
And when she woke all she could see
Was darkness everywhere
The fire long extinguished
Blood drying in her hair
She knew that it was over
That she’d somehow survived
Now all she had to do was
Make it out the door alive
But she just couldn’t find the strength
Instead, she closed her eyes
For even when the good survive
Something in them dies.

Mandy Kocsis

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