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*CLICK* — Poetry

Bed, Linen, Sheets, Cover, Pillows

You’ll try replacing me
With pale shades of me
But never will they ever be
The one you’re looking for
You checked that at the door
You forgot to close behind you
When you wanted something more
They’ll never make your laughter
Reach down to your soul
You might find some ever after
But not the one you’re searching for

In your quest for something more.

What you never understood
About what you had with me
Doesn’t happen often
And it’s never…EVER…free
It’ll bring you to your knees
It’ll cut you till you bleed
It’ll take you to your limits
Like a spender on a spree…

Cuz that’s the price that’s due

And don’t tell me that
You never knew
How it felt to fly
With the heights we went to
It wasn’t all me
And it wasn’t all you
It’s the way we fit together…

When together, we flew

It’s getting cold in here tonight
It’s freezing in this room
I need to close that door you left
And I need to do it soon

I wish you nothing but the best
It’s just a shame you lost it
But have fun playing with the rest
Goodnight, now…

I’m exhausted…


Mandy Kocsis

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