Mandy Kocsis

Born and raised on the streets of Detroit, Mandy Kocsis currently bleeds poetry from She Hates It Here Indiana, where she cares for her elderly mother and her son. She's the only surviving parent of an amazing teenage son. She's seen more darkness than most, and it often shows in her work. Where most see darkness, she sees the light within. She lives there. She writes there. And, someday, she hopes to find that love really does exist, but for now, she's a non-believer. Mandy has been legally deaf since beating meningitis as an infant and is trying desperately to find a place she belongs in a world of face masks and silence. You can find more of her work on Mandy's Land on Facebook . She currently has one book out, a poetic autobiography called "Soul Survivor", and is hard at work on her second.

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