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After the Storm – Fiction

I remember the day Dean and I found this gem. A ninety-two-year-old farmhouse out of a fairytale novel, me round with Sarah soon to make us three.  We>>>
Moon and Clouds in the night sky used by permission Michael Brewer Catching the Sun Photography

What Abuse?

Content Warning: This page contains mention of domestic abuse During my first serious relationship, I had suffered physical abuse at the hands of who>>>
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I ponder, ponder, one step short of full-on obsession. Mulling over the world I grew up in and how suddenly and without fanfare, it ceased to exist>>>
Christmas Gifts lined up winter scene

Grief Wrapped at Christmas

Nine years ago I was trying to prepare myself and our kiddos, to get through the first Christmas without Christopher. It had only been 53 days since>>>
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A Poet’s World – Poetry

I’ll be your California,You’ll be my CarolinaThe sun will rise and set with usThe moon will string a banded chorusof poetic writers across>>>
benches old and young memories

Do You Think Of Her? — Short Story

“Do you still think of her?” Alyson’s words were soft, their tender touch relaxing to Robert. He continued to fidget, his fingers juggling the same>>>
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Silent Warrior – Poetry

I am not sick,But I am not wellI’m trapped in my bodyA prison that’s HellIt’s fighting against meA battle each dayIt just wants to>>>
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The Devil’s Promise – Short Story

Reuben watched her from a distance. He knew better than to disturb Mara when she was out on the rocks. He hated himself for it. The reason she sat out>>>
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She Sat Alone – Poetry

They didn’t know she was beautiful.Lines and wrinkles hid the freshness of youth. They didn’t know she was strong.Cane and chair became her companion>>>
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Keep Living – Fiction

She read the note and crumpled it in her hand. “Keep living,” two words scrawled in sloppy penmanship. So much for that. Picking up her backpack, she>>>