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The Monster Within – Poetry

The monster within Was the monster without Sneaking around under cover of dark Hiding in plain site The whole world could see But no one knew the>>>
snow falling in a park with the park path covered in snow

Snow Ice Cream

The anticipation began early in the winter when the trees were stark and the sky was filled with gray and rolling clouds covering any ray of sunlight>>>
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Liar, Liar

I am a liar.  Apparently, when you are 10 years old and tell a whopper of a lie, it sticks with you for a while.  And when I say awhile, I>>>
Night Terrors Bad Dreams Sleep Paralysis

The Dreams

THE DREAMS For years I was afraid to go to sleep for fear that I would be haunted by the demons that would torment me during my night terrors. These>>>
Spider Web With Drops Of Water

After the Storm – Fiction

I remember the day Dean and I found this gem. A ninety-two-year-old farmhouse out of a fairytale novel, me round with Sarah soon to make us three.  We>>>
Moon and Clouds in the night sky used by permission Michael Brewer Catching the Sun Photography

What Abuse?

Content Warning: This page contains mention of domestic abuse During my first serious relationship, I had suffered physical abuse at the hands of who>>>
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I ponder, ponder, one step short of full-on obsession. Mulling over the world I grew up in and how suddenly and without fanfare, it ceased to exist>>>
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Grief Wrapped at Christmas

Nine years ago I was trying to prepare myself and our kiddos, to get through the first Christmas without Christopher. It had only been 53 days since>>>
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A Poet’s World – Poetry

I’ll be your California,You’ll be my CarolinaThe sun will rise and set with usThe moon will string a banded chorusof poetic writers across>>>
benches old and young memories

Do You Think Of Her? — Short Story

“Do you still think of her?” Alyson’s words were soft, their tender touch relaxing to Robert. He continued to fidget, his fingers juggling the same>>>